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How to Prepare for Divorce Mediation

Preparation is key to a successful outcome in mediation. When I'm advising clients in mediation, I ask them to consider all of the following questions:

1. What does an ideal outcome look like? (if there are multiple issues, consider each issue specifically and separately) 2. What is an acceptable outcome (again, if there are multiple issues, consider each issue separately) 3. Is there any information that you feel you need to know prior to your session? Is there any information you can try to obtain during the mediation session? 4. What does your future look like if you cannot settle this case? Think specifically about the short-term, medium-term, and long-term costs. Are there any non-financial costs to consider, such as emotional energy, stress, and time? What about the financial costs?

Prior to mediation, it's a good idea to work through these question prompts as specifically as possible. Do this together with a coach, attorney, or even at trusted friend.

No one can guarantee a successful mediation. There are simply too many factors outside of your control. But asking yourself these questions and coming into mediation with a plan is much more likely to result in an outcome that you can find acceptable.

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