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Child Custody Mediation

What is child custody mediation? Child custody mediation is a process by which parents who are separating or divorced work with a neutral third party to decide on the custody and care of their children. The goal of mediation is to help the parents reach a mutual agreement that works best for their own unique family circumstances, rather than having a judge make decisions for them.

The Process

Child custody mediation process typically begins with an intake process. Depending on the needs of your case, the mediator may send you a questionnaire asking you about your goals for the mediation. If child support and expenses are to be discussed, the mediator may ask you to provide certain information about your income or expenses. The mediator will also explain the mediation process and the ground rules for the sessions, including rules relating to the confidentiality of the session. 


During the mediation, each parent will have the opportunity to meet with the mediator to discuss their concerns and goals for the custody arrangements. Typically, the mediation is done in a joint session with both parties present, but if this is not appropriate in your case, different arrangements can be made. 

The mediator's role will be to structure the conversation, ensuring all issues relating to child custody/visitation/support are thoroughly discussed and decided upon. This typically includes a discussion of Once the parties have agreed upon all issues, 

Efficient Conflict Resolution

We work closely with you to understand your objectives and concerns, and we use our extensive knowledge of divorce laws to craft solutions that are in your best interest. We pride ourselves on providing a personalized service that will help you move on from your marriage with the least possible disruption to your business and personal life.

In family mediation, we can avoid the many inefficiencies of the family court system. This includes expensive and time consuming discovery, unnecessary hearings, and stressful litigation. 

By working with a neutral third party, parties are able to have open and honest discussions to reach an agreement that is tailored to their specific needs and circumstances. By utilizing mediation, parties can avoid a lengthy and costly court battle while reaching a mutually satisfactory solution.

A qualified professional can work with both parties quickly and efficiently, resolving all issues in a collaborative matter. This means that disputes can be resolved in a matter of hours rather than a matter of months or years, saving time and expenses for everyone involved. 

Cost Effective
Divorce Services

One of the main advantages of divorce mediation is the tremendous cost savings over other divorce alternatives such as litigated divorce. Instead of wasting precious resources on unnecessary hearings, experts, and attorney's fees, the parties can preserve their assets by focusing on a solution oriented approach. 

While a litigated divorce can take many months or even years of contentious proceedings, mediation can take a matter of hours. If you work with Off the Record Mediation Services, your mediator will discuss a reasonable time estimate for your matter in an initial consultation with both parties. In our first session, we can schedule out the entire process to ensure that we proceed expeditiously and in the most efficient manner. 

How much does a mediated divorce cost? The costs of mediation should be compared against the costs of litigated divorce. In a litigated divorce, it is not uncommon for the parties to spend $10,000 to $15,000 each, even in a relatively simple divorce. On the contrary, mediated divorces can resolve for a small fraction of that cost. Some of our more simple mediated cases resolve for $3500 or less, which is typically divided between the parties. This means that a simple mediated divorce can cost as little as $1750 per party. For more complicated matters, the parties can expect to spend a bit more. 

By focusing on solutions rather than posturing, we can ensure a more cost effective process. Parties often find that mediation can save them tens of thousands of dollars over litigated divorce. 

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